Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Editing Like a Fool, or Not

I'd like to say that's me, but I'm an editing fool. I'm not as far into Midnight Raynne edits as I'd hoped to be by this point. But, I'm trudging right along. There are several reasons conspiring against my editing time.

1) That whole time change and springing forward thingy has me completely discombobulated. I don't have much of a problem with the falling back time shift. Springing forward is a completely different issue. I like to get up early and write/edit before my toddler gets up in the morning. Thanks to this time change I'm lucky if I can drag myself out of bed and get ready for my day before he's up. I can't seem to be able to get passed this time change and get myself back on schedule. My toddler had no trouble.

2) I also just started physical therapy for tendonitis in my shoulder. It's seriously cutting into my editing time. I now have those appointments scheduled during nap time, when my hubby and daughter get home. This cuts down on their stress of dealing with a wild toddler who searches the house over and over again for "Mommy!" And I get to go to physical therapy in peace. No worrying about the little wild one getting into trouble.

3) And to top things off there's the issue with Mother Nature being unable to make up her mind which has caused my allergies to go wonky. I've had a sinus headache since last Wednesday.

So the excellent start to my editing has turned out to be less than stellar and didn't meet my expectations.

Your Turn -> Do you find your best laid plans thwarted?


  1. That dumb time change gets me in the Spring, too! And I now what you mean about things eating up editing time. I hate go shopping or anything in the mornings, just 'cause that's the only time I have all day (when the kids are in school).
    I'm sorry to hear about the allergies - if you know some remedies, I'd love to hear them too.

    1. I wish I had a good list of remedies, but sadly I'm stuck suffering. I just go myself some Allegra 180 and, fingers crossed, I hope I remember to take it every night. Then maybe I'll get rid of this fog like state I'm in.

      I'm at the point where I'll rearrange my schedule around my writing times. Some people I know think I'm nuts. LOL :-)