Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MIA Writer

That would be me. Sorry I've been missing, but my life seems to have gotten a bit crazy and hectic. Between me getting sick, going out of town, lots of doctors visits between me and both kids, my daughter starting softball, and now her breaking a toe, things have been a bit insane. Not to mention the fact that I got slightly buried under library books. I found myself completely immersed in reading during my down time and kept forgetting that it was my blogging day, or I was busy running around.

So, where am I with my writing you ask? Ugh, not getting very far. With all of the above mentioned insanity I haven't had much time to do any editing. However, I'm planning on bringing myself back on line and back to sanity this week. It may prove to be a bit difficult as I'm chauffeuring my daughter to and from the bus stop as well as a couple doctor appointments this week, but I'm kicking myself back into gear.

On the reading front I'm doing okay, not where I'd like to be, but I'm getting there. As far as editing goes I have 21 chapters edited on paper and 14 to go. Of course once I finish on paper I have to start making those changes on the computer documents and then start sending them out to my critique partners for feedback. I actually can't wait to get Midnight Raynne ready for them to see. I've sent out Barely There to several writer friends, but it wasn't as far along as Midnight Raynne. I wanted to see where to go first before I get to the fifth round of edits and need major alterations on that one. Midnight Raynne is different, however. I had already edited it several times and I think overall it's further along than Barely There. So far only the first few chapters have been seen by a few of my writer friends.

I'm hoping that by mid-May I will have all of those edits done and my critique partners will have a chance to meet and get acquainted with Raynne. Until then I should be back on my regular blogging schedule.

Your Turn -> Do you ever find life overwhelming and have to back away from the online social scene simply to get things done?

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