Thursday, May 17, 2012

Facebook and Goodreads Illiterate

As you may know I have a Goodreads site and a Facebook author page. At one time I had my blog linked to my Facebook, so that every time a post would publish to my blog a link would post to my Facebook page. I also had my Goodreads account linked to Facebook, so that when I added a book or rated one it would post to my Facebook page. That's all changed. And I have no idea why.

At some point the links to my published blog posts stopped working. Now I have to link each individual post as they publish. This takes time and it's extremely irritating if I don't have the time to do it. I don't want to link my blog to my personal Facebook page, just my "fan" page. I have family and friends who I don't want to spam those issues to. Likewise, I have people who "like" my Facebook page and would like to see those posts, but I'm not about to "friend" everyone to my personal page. The other day I sat down for a couple of hours and tried to fix it. I failed. I followed several tutorials that claimed to lead me step by step through the process. They did well if I want to publish from my personal page, but I don't want to.

Months ago I linked my Goodreads and personal Facebook account together. It worked for a while, but like the blog issue, it suddenly stopped working. After a frustrating attempt to link Facebook with my blog I decided to switch gears and link my Goodreads account to my "fan" page, but that didn't work either. Apparently I have to link to my main page. That's fine with me at this point. I just wish I could get it to post to my "fan" page as well. I also haven't tried this link out yet. I can't wait to see if it actually works.

If anyone out there could help me get these issues resolved I'd truly appreciate it. I know they work, I just can't seem to get either to work for me. :-/

Your Turn -> Are there any sites out there you've tried to link, but had issues with?


  1. Are you using Networked Blogs to send your blog posts to your Page?

    The first time I tried to link Goodreads to my author page it didn't work. Now it does (with Timeline). The weird thing is, I would swear the last time I added a book to my Goodreads shelf, it announced it on my personal FB page.

    If I think too much about all these social media linkups, my head spins.

    1. Thanks Linda! I'm still so confused over all of the linking between sites that I've pretty much given up. I'm hoping that it will eventually work itself out or a smart IT person will laugh at how ridiculous I am and fix it for me with the click of a single button. lol ;-)

  2. I was right. When I added a book to my currently reading shelf, Goodreads posted that to my personal FB page. But I also have Goodreads on my author page, BUT that might be because I have an author page on Goodreads.