Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As I've been editing I've been asking myself this a lot. How? Sometimes I have a hard time knowing when to show rather than tell. As I read through my manuscript I find places where I've been telling instead of showing.

In the beginning of this round of edits I decided to edit a hard copy of my manuscript and not the actual document on my computer. This had two major benefits. First, it's been a while since I last looked at Midnight Raynne so I was able to get better acquainted with it again. Second, I didn't get slowed down making the actual changes. It allowed me to keep moving forward at a good rate.

As a result I found myself underlining the sentence in question and writing, "How?" Now as I've been going back through my hard copy and making those actual edits on the computer I'm forced to slow down and really think about the way in which I want to show, rather than tell, the sentence or paragraph in question. Sometimes it's really easy and I can delete it. There are those times that it doesn't make a huge difference to the picture I'm trying to convey. Other times I have to rewrite an entire paragraph several times before getting the image perfect. It's definitely taking me a lot longer to get through this portion of the edits, but I'm hoping to have all the right amount of showing vs. telling.

Your Turn -> Do you find yourself telling rather than showing? 

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