Thursday, May 3, 2012

Using Photos in Blogging

Do you use photos from the internet on your blog posts? If so, you need to know the legalities of which photos you can use and how to use them correctly. 

Recently a particular post about using photos in blogs was brought to my attention by author Kimberly Ann Miller. After reading it I thought it was something that every blogger using photos should read. Therefore, in lieu of writing an actual blog today, I thought I'd link you to the original blog I was alerted to.

Yes, I use photos on my blog and probably not in the correct context of furthering my blog posts. I love photography and tend to use photos that I enjoy.

Yes, I have permission from the photographer (my dad) to use those photos. Occasionally you will see a photo or two of my own pop up on my blog, but I have far less than my dad does. After all, he's the photographer and I'm the writer.

So, please take a look at the Art of Blog -  Blog Photos: The Complete Guide To Using Photos On The Web. I would hate for any of us to have to pay any fines.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great post Heather! I actually started to take my own photos to avoid any problems. There was a time when I used photos from the internet, but now I Just use my own. It's more fun that way anyway. =) That's cool that your Dad is a photographer.

    1. Hey Christine! I used to use them from the internet, too, but then had second thoughts. That's when I asked my dad if I could use his pictures. I also went through all my old posts and deleted all photos that weren't book covers, mine, or my dad's. It took forever! I got really lucky that my dad is a photographer, getting his permission was easy. :-)