Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beta Reader Questionnaire

Since I talked about beta reading on Tuesday I thought I would let you see the questionnaire I send out with my manuscript. I did a Google search before I created this one and basically chose some of what I found, tweaked some, left some questions out, and added some of my own. You can obviously do the same. Mine is based heavily upon this questionnaire I found online. I also found another really good questionnaire that I'm definitely going to be borrowing questions from in future versions I send out. I've also already added a couple questions to the end that I thought of after I sent out Barely There.

My Beta Reader's Questionnaire:
  1. Did the beginning draw you into the story and leave you wanting to know more? Why? 
  2. Does any part of the story drag? 
  3. did the ending leave you satisfied? If not what went wrong? 
  4. Did the story leave any unanswered questions? if so, which ones? 
  5. Which part of the story was the best? 
  6. Which part of the story was the worst? 
  7. Could more have been expanded upon? 
  8. Was it long enough? 
  9. Does each scene lead logically into the next? 
  10. If you could change any scene or scenes in the story, which ones and why? 
  11. If there was one scene you could remove from the story, which one and why? 
  12. did the chapters break clean? 
  13. Can you see every action clearly in your mind like a movie? 
  14. Could you see what the characters looked like clearly? 
  15. Could someone who was not familiar with the genre see what the characters looked like clearly?
  16. How does the setting work with the story? 
  17. Is the dialogue or voice believable and consistent? 
  18. Do the character reactions seem logical and realistic?
  19. Could you feel the emotions between the characters?
  20. Did the characters seem in character? Did any act out of character? If so, which one and how? 
  21. Does any one character get in the way of the story? 
  22. Was there a character that would have made the story better by being left out? 
  23. Any other thoughts you would like to add? 
  24. Would the story have been better in 1st/3rd person? (I usually write in 1st person)
  25. Would the story have been better in past/present tense? 
Your Turn -> What questions to do you think are important to ask a beta reader?

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  1. Wow! I think I sent out 4 or 5 questions to my Brevity beta readers ... and only a few of them actually answered those. I hope you have MUCH better luck with your betas.