Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Evolution Of A Series

As I've been editing Midnight Raynne I continually ponder what to do with book 2. After I had written and run through a couple edits of Midnight Raynne I sat down and wrote the rough draft of book 2, Spring Raynne. However, I haven't returned to that draft since I finished it.

That was well over a year ago and it's still not sitting well with me. I've known since right after I finished that draft that it was missing something. The question has always been what is it missing. I thought after I edited book 1 a bit more something would hit and the light bulb would click on above my head.

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Well, folks - It finally did. Without giving too much away about the ending of book 1 I figured out that I was missing an entire POV.


It hit me about a month after reading Crossed by Ally Condie. The first book in her dystopian trilogy, Matched, was entirely from Cassia's POV. But, with the second book she added a POV, Ky's. As I thought about her trilogy more and more while editing my own trilogy I realized I was missing a POV in the second book. While hers is dystopian, my trilogy is more in the paranormal realm, but I still think it will work great.

There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that the reader can't see or know about from Raynne's perspective, but if I were to add in one more perspective things might come together better and the book won't feel so blah.

So, once I finish editing Midnight Raynne and working on the middle grade series I mentioned a few posts ago, I'll be adding the rough draft of a completely different POV in Spring Raynne. I actually can't wait to get working on that one.

Your Turn -> What's your take on adding POVs from book to book?

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