Thursday, July 19, 2012

Word Choice

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I really should have written this post a while ago, but never did. As I was looking over my "Edits Folder" I came across a note I scribbled back when I was editing Barely There. It was a simple note that wouldn't mean anything to someone other than me.

Flashed -> Transported -> Materialized

It doesn't mean a lot, right? In reality it had my critique group laughing one Sunday morning. It also brought about a lesson in word choice. Where I wrote one thing and my critique partners had their minds in the gutters when they read it.

In the original piece I submitted this is how it would have looked.

"I flashed to one of my favorite places in town, the Sunset Mall."

Several members of the group mentioned that they had a different picture when I said "flashed" and in certain sentences it really did sound awful.

The note I wrote to myself was during the editing process post meeting. I changed the word "flashed" to "transported." After reading it, though, I didn't like it. Finally, I changed it to "materialized" and it's stayed that way since. I hope it works better now. It was definitely worth the laugh, though. And the lesson.

ALWAYS have your work critiqued!!! What you mean to write and what you write are not always the same.

Your Turn -> Have you ever found yourself writing one thing and your critique partners reading it completely differently?


  1. Yes I have. The problem was more prevalent when I was doing poetry. That's understandable though, since there's so much less space to get your point across. That was both the challenge and the reward of poetry - writing something meaningful in such a short space.

    1. I've tried poetry (briefly) and I just don't have it. I'm way too wordy! lol Kudos to you for being wrangle words in poetry.