Monday, October 8, 2012

1st Five Pages Workshop

I have been following Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing for a while now through my Googlereader. Each month they, Martina Boone and Lisa Gail Green, run a workshop called The 1st Five Pages. I have watched this from afar thinking that maybe, sometime, I will work up the nerve to enter.

Well, I did. I sent in my first 1,250 words from Barely There on Saturday at noon and got a reply back that I was one of the first five entries received! Yay!

And now I'm quaking in my shoes. I mean I have sent this to my critique partners and received great feedback already. But I want to make sure that I have made the right changes and used their advice correctly. The part that has me shaking, is that this is on the web and not in the hands of my trusted few. It is out there for others, I do not know, to form an opinion on. What if I got it all wrong? *Okay, breathe!*

In addition to my first 1,250 words going up on their blog today I will have two revisions. I thought I would link to them through my blog each Monday when they go live over on their blog. If you would like to stop by and read through and give feedback as well, come on over.

AND, they have two multi-book prize packs from Random House Kids they are giving away to commentors, not involved in the workshop. So you definitely should stop by and leave a comment on one of the five entries. :-)

Here is my entry to The 1st Five Pages Workshop.

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