Thursday, October 25, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

After doing NaNo the past two years I'm completely in love with the concept and fun of it all. However, that said I have decided not to participate this year. I know! *gasp*

Why? Well that's an easy three part answer.

1 - I have way too many things going on right now. I'm still working on doing a major cleaning (purging) of my house. Over the years I've accumulated a ridiculous amount of things that I no longer use or need. So, I'm working a little each week to get it cleaned up.

2 - I am still knee deep in working on edits for Barely There. I'm beyond determined to have this manuscript ready for the query process this Christmas. I refuse to turn my attention to anything other than this project at the moment. This very project has been sidelined the past two years by NaNo, but not this year. It's taking priority instead.

3 -  I failed to brainstorm and outline an entirely new project for this year. I have several story ideas waiting for their turn, but I also have Barely There and last year's NaNo driving me nuts. Not to mention I had an ah-ha moment pertaining to my very first manuscript, Stone Magic, the other day. I've decided not to take on any other projects until these three are edited and ready to query.

Even thought I will not be participating I still want to cheer everyone on. Let me know if you will be participating in the comments below, or via Twitter, and I will make sure I cheer you on all month! If everything works out according to my plans I will have a new project to work on next year for NaNo.

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