Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Editing Spreadsheet

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen a few tweets this past week where I mentioned an editing spreadsheet. Thing is I knew I needed to do a major revision on Barely There and I didn't want to spend the time aimlessly fixing this here, going back to fix that because of x, then doing another round of edits because issue y came up, and so on. Instead I wanted to make sure I had everything fleshed out before diving into those edits.

My solution to this issue was to create a spreadsheet where I could go over every chapter, character, plot lines, setting, and note what needs to be fixed. In order to do this I had to read through the entire manuscript, chapter by chapter. As I read the manuscript I used the spreadsheet to sort it all out.

This past weekend was all about reading that spreadsheet and going chapter by chapter through it to make sure that everything flowed seamlessly, that each chapter has a purpose, and to figure out if I have included everything that needs to be included. And I hope I caught it all, because I started working on the manuscript, with the help of the spreadsheet, yesterday. And ringers crossed I will have the revisions completed by early December so I can get it out to my Betas.

If you're wondering just what that spreadsheet looked like, here it is. 

Chapter #
Emotion / Struggle / Plot Points
Character #1

Character #2



Plot Points

To Fix

Character Purpose

Your Turn -> Do you have certain methods you use to revise and edit? What methods work best for you?

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