Thursday, December 6, 2012

Help Indie & Sefl-pubbed Authors Out

If you're like me then you read books that are published by the big guns, independent smaller publishers, and self-published. Obviously the last two don't have the funds that the big guys have to promote books and it tends to be more difficult for those authors when it comes to promoting their books. So, I thought I would share some information that I recently found out about.

Regardless if you bought the book at Amazon or not you can Like any book you wish. The more likes a book has the higher it's rating is. So, with that in mind I typed in a bunch of books that I know are published by either the author or a small publishing company and "liked" the books. You can do this without leaving a review or giving it stars. That, of course, will also help the book out.

Over at Barnes and Noble you can leave a review with stars. I am unaware of how their system works exactly, but it's worth it to help out some of your favorite authors.

Now to write reviews for those books. lol I have been very naughty this year with writing reviews, mostly just giving books stars instead of writing glossy reviews. I just don't have the time. But, this next year I will make sure I write reviews for these books in particular and paste it all over for every one to see.

Your Turn -> Do you leave reviews for authors who are published by independent (smaller) publishers or self-published?

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