Tuesday, January 22, 2013

777 Tag!

I was tagged for the 777 meme again, but this time on Facebook by amazing writers Archana Bharathan and Christine Attardo. Rather than doing my post on Facebook I decided to do it here on my blog. That way I can tag more writers. I am not friends with many writers on Facebook and I think they were all tagged recently anyways. So, here it goes.

The rules are to go to page 7, go down 7 lines, and post the next 7 lines of your WIP. I added a few, because I hate leaving off in the middle of a paragraph. lol

This is from the WIP I have been doing a final read through on, Midnight Raynne. I hope you enjoy!

I do an about face and push my way through the crowd. If I can get to the edge of the hallway, maybe I can skirt around the crowd to get to French class. I say, “Excuse me,” a few times and other students move before I need to say anything. I move along better than I had hoped for.
I should be to the edge of the crowd by now, but I am not. I look up above the heads in front of me. The ceiling does not hit a wall for a long ways. I have turned directions. I now walk in the wrong direction, towards E.J.. Not good.
I stop in my tracks and try to orient myself before I continue. How did I end up here? 

Now for the tagging! If you have not yet been tagged, or you are working on a new WIP and want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged! Just leave a comment on this post so I can stop by your blog and see your work. :-)

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