Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finished Manuscript!

I finished it!! That's right, I polished off Midnight Raynne a little over a week ago! To celebrate my 3 year old and I made brownie cookies, of which I ate way too many of. We danced around the house and giggled together. The feeling of having a polished manuscript was almost relieved. I have several rough drafts, and that's they way it's been for a while now. I've become so used to the feeling of being mid-edits that I had no idea what it would feel like to have a finished manuscript. And you know what? It brought about a whole new set of insecurities!

I mean, just because I have a finished manuscript does not necessarily mean the work is done. Nope. I had to polish off that query letter, re-read that synopsis, and then write out some Twitter pitches for last Friday's #PitMad. Wow, talk about a daunting task. I hate writing queries and completely stink at synopsis writing. Then, the less than 140 character pitches were another mass of stress. I tried to follow along on the Twitter feed, but man that thing moved fast! I couldn't keep up and realized that it must be really crazy for an agent trying to weed out what they want to request.

All in all I was pleased to have a finished manuscript to even participate in the madness.

But now it is time to get back to Barely There. Even though my initial thought was to set my goal for this manuscript for a month, which is how long I was giving myself when the headaches began, I added more time. I'm not sure what the doctor is going to decide as the next treatment path. Therefore, I added an extra month on. So, I'm hoping to have Barely There polished and ready for the query process by the end of March. And I am dying to get to my NaNo 2011 project. That manuscript has been calling to me for months now. But I am determined to get Barely There completed before I touch any other projects.

Your Turn -> What do you do to celebrate completing a manuscript?


  1. Congratulations! The best of luck to you in your future plans for Midnight Raynne. You deserved the cookies. :-)