Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

I have been a bad writer as of lately. No editing. No writing. Little plotting. It's been bad. And by bad, I mean AWFUL!


Well, I mentioned in a couple of earlier posts ago, over the past two months, that I was having headaches due to herniated discs in my neck. I started physical therapy, and they got worse. Of course, my highly trusted physical therapists all believed I would begin to feel better after a while. I would have good days, where the headaches were just on the periphery, but if I did too much they would knock me sideways. Then there were the days I was on the couch most of the day, moaning and groaning that I wanted them to disappear.

These headaches were not only a literal pain in my head, but also a huge hurdle to get over on every other front of my life. I ignored the dishes, cleaning house, writing, most social media outlets became too much to deal with, and doing any work on the computer was nearly impossible. I could get away with jumping on the computer to check a few things for no more than 30 minutes at a time. My eyes would cross and my head would start pounding. This whole mess got old, quick.

I made a mental note to ask the doctor if he could start giving me the injections. My theory was that they would fix all the pain associated with my neck and my headaches would disappear and I could go back to writing. However, as the days went on and the round of physical therapy prescribed came closer to an end, I never picked up the phone to make that follow up appointment. I was just in so much pain that I couldn't seem to remember anything straight and calling for an appointment was the least of my issues.

My physical therapy came to an end almost two weeks ago. When it did I felt even worse than I had when I began. I was shocked. I have been to physical therapy before at this same place and gotten better each time. Just not this time. I figured something was wrong with my discs and I was going to be miserable for some time to come. Setting goals to work on writing and editing for 2013 began to look like a failure waiting to happen.

Then almost a week after completing therapy I finally remember to call the doctor's office for an appointment (while they were actually still open - I always remember to call at 5:15pm). As the days went on and my appointment came closer, my headaches began to subside. This had me wondering. I was still doing some of the simple excersises they had given me to do at home. But, the one glaring difference was that I was no longer reciving my favorite treatment, the traction machine!

This is the traction machine I so adored during physical therapy, and the culprit behind my horrendous headaches.

While in physical therapy they had me lie on this medical table of sorts, tightened a clamp to my neck, and stretched my neck. I loved this part of therapy. It always made me feel better afterwards, and it was relaxing. Yet, now that I am without it, I am doing much better. This led me to believe that it was that particular part of the physical therapy sessions making my headaches worse.

Suddenly I was able to go shopping without suffering for the rest of the day. I could make that quick trip to the library to pick up books without dreading it, which is so insanely unlike me at all. I could do dishes, vacuum the highly messy floors again, and I loved it all. Who knew I would be happy to clean house again? Not me! Anywho, this has been a great development. I now know to steer clear of the traction machine, at all costs.

And best of all, I'm foaming at the mouth to get back to editing Barely There. I am convinced that if I had not had these headaches in the first place, I would have met my December 15th goal. Now I need to create a new goal, but not until I am sure that these headaches are completely gone.

Your turn -> Has your writing/editing been derailed by something out of your control?


  1. Oh my! So sorry to hear you were feeling that bad. Those kind of endless pains are TERRIBLE! But it's great to hear you're finally getting past it. Here's wishing you a LONG time without pain!

    1. Thank you! It was such a miserable time, but doing so much better now. :-)

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  3. I'm glad you found the problem causing your pain! That must have been such a relief.

    I've been dealing with pain and fatigue since the late summer of 2011. It all got worse after I got Mono this past summer. It definitely interrupts my writing - as other life things too (cleaning, running errands, etc.). I blame myself for not being able to work through it. "If I really wanted to get this done, I could." The truth is though, I really do! Sometimes I just am unable.

    1. Thank you, Leslie, and I hope you feel better soon too. It sure does stink to have all that pain. And it really does get in the way of everything. I hardly cleaned at all while I was knocked down with those headaches. Thankfully my hubby picked up some of the slack and was understanding. Good luck!

    2. Thank you! :)