Thursday, February 28, 2013

March 2013 Releases

Ah, such great books releasing this month! Here is a list of the books I am excited about this month.

Requiem (Delirium #3) by Lauren Oliver (3/5/13) 

Why -> OMG! If you have not yet read this trilogy you NEED to. I cannot wait to see what happens in this final book. I am so excited that I put my name on the request list through my library back in January when they first listed it. I checked my library's site regularly until I they listed it. That is how good this trilogy is.

Unremembered by Jessica Brody (3/5/13) 

Why -> A plane crash with only one survivor. A survivor not listed on the flight manifest, with no memories of boarding the plane, or any memories prior to being found. Adding to the mystery her DNA and fingerprints do not match any on file in any country, at all. And what about this mysterious boy who claims to have known her before the crash and says they were in love? Can she trust him? Seriously I'm so excited for this book to come out!

Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger (3/5/13)

Why -> Oh my, this looks so amazing. Combine a tornado, a guardian sylph, a mystery about two murdered families, warriors out to destroy them, and a forbidden romance. I read Messenger's MG debut, Keeper of the Lost Cities, while in the dark after Hurricane Sandy, and WOW. She really has a great imagination and a wonderful voice. I can't wait to see what she has in store with this one.

Spellcaster by Claudia Gray (3/5/13) 

Why -> Witchcraft, a family curse, dreams about the future, and the threat to their lives. This one looks super delicious. Especially since I love the witchcraft theme.

The Prince (The Selection #0.5) by Kiera Cass (3/5/13)

Why -> I fell in love with the first book in this series a couple months ago and I really like Prince Maxon. I can't wait to read about him in this short story! I am definitely curious about this girl that came before America.

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare (3/19/13) 

Why -> While I have not yet read the first two books in this trilogy there is one thing I have learned about Clare's writing. She leaves you turning the pages wondering where the next book is! There was no way I was about to read the first two books in this trilogy without them all being available to read back to back. I am so excited to read them and see what everyone else has been talking about. Yay!

Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11) by J.R. Ward (3/26/13) 

Why -> This is seriously a guilty pleasure for me. I don't read many adult books, let alone ones with this much adult content, but I cannot pass this series up. I love the relationships and the characters Ward has created with this series. I am curious to see what happens in this newest installment and to see if she is in fact headed in the direction with newer characters that I hope she is. I can't wait to read more about these new characters and see how they find their happy ever after.

What books are you excited about? Did I leave any great books off this list?

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