Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My New Favorite App

Since I am getting back to normal without having insane headaches every day I have begun a final read through of Midnight Raynne. At first I sent the manuscript to my Kindle, started reading, and took notes of minor mistakes to change. Not the easiest thing to do. 

Then I had an a-ha moment. My parents gave me an iPad mini for Christmas. Not only do I love it, but my three-year-old thinks it is also his. One of the things my dad mentioned when I began loading it up with apps was that there was a great app to view and work with word files on. So, I got the app and it sat on my iPad, unused. That is until I remembered that it was there and I could use it to fix these little mistakes on my manuscript.

So, I uploaded my manuscript to Dropbox, then from there to the app, called Pages. From there I was able to open the manuscript and make changes as I find them, no need to make notes or having to go back over the manuscript with those notes again. When I finish for the session I send a copy of it to my email. I haven't figured out how to move it back to Dropbox yet. Even so, I have found this to be the BEST app yet for my writing.

So if I'm going to recommend an app, it's Pages. Check it out!

Your Turn -> Do you have any favorite apps for writing? I'd love to learn about other products.

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