Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toni De Palma Interview

Today I would like to welcome fellow Writers By The Shore blogger and author Toni De Palma!

1.    Most current YA books on the shelves written by women are from the female POV. What prompted you to write from the male POV?

Im surrounded by guys my husband, son, even my dog, Chester. Ive always been comfortable around men and there uhmsimple way of viewing the world is refreshing. What I mean by simple is that, unless theyre talking about sports, they dont usually sweat the small stuff.

2.    You have two other books out, Jeremy Owl (from a male POV) and Under the Banyan Tree (from a female POV). Do you find writing from either perspective more difficult than the other?

My books always start with an interesting character so whether the character is male or female doesnt matter. Of course men and women have different sensibilities and, as a writer, this is fun to explore.

3.    Cooper is a very complex character torn between doing what he wants and what Lucy wants and he has a tendency to rebel. Was he just as difficult to work with as he is in the book?

LOL. Not at all. His rebellious nature is what attracts me to him and what makes him interesting. Its also an aspect of my own nature that I recognize and that I get to play out on paper.

4.    While writing one of my manuscripts I found I liked a side character more than either of the two main characters. To this day she intrigues me. Who was your favorite character when writing The Devil's Triangle?

Other than Cooper, I LOVE Lucy, the Devils sister. She is brazen, vain, manipulative, sassy. I wouldnt mind being her for a day.

5.    While The Devil's Triangle is paranormal you also write contemporary, Under the Banyan Tree. Which do you prefer writing, paranormal or contemporary?

I like both and go back and forth. I recently finished up the second book in the Devil series, The Devil’s Temptation. Right now I’m slogging through the first draft of a contemporary middle grade.

6.    Sort of a redundant question after the last answer, but still I have to ask. Are there any plans for a sequel?

Yep, The Devils Temptation is book two.

7.    While we wait for The Devil's Temptation to release, and just for fun, what would be the top 3 items on Cooper's and Grace's bucket lists?

Grace wants a new wardrobe, to go to prom and a vacation (something shell get in the next book). Cooper wants Grace (of course), a motorcycle and, if Grace doesnt punch his lights out, a peek under Lucys skirt (LOL).

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I'd like to thank Toni De Palma and her publicist, Christine Attardo, for providing me with an ARC of The Devil's Triangle and allowing me to join in on the blog tour.

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