Thursday, February 14, 2013

Writing Rewards

When I finished my final read through of Midnight Raynne my son and I made brownie-cookies. Not really a huge reward, but it was fun and not on my diet. Now I have set a new goal to finish Barely There by the end of March. I thought I would try and figure out a reward for this accomplishment.

But what do I want?

Reading? I read books all the time, so rewarding myself with reading is not exactly a reward.

Buy a book? I buy them all the time. Seriously, I have a book buying obsession. So, it is not as though that will be much of a reward. You should see my shelves!

Dinner? My hubby and I really do not go out often. Between actually finding a sitter for the toddler and then actually having the extra cash in the budget this is a difficult reward to cash in on.

TV? I do not watch a lot of TV. Not unless it is the Big Bang Theory, Castle, or a really good movie that I have heard is really good from many sources. I cannot sit still that long. Really, even watching Castle (one hour) is difficult for me. I need to be doing something.

Then I thought I would see what you use as rewards! I need ideas! lol 

So, how do you reward yourself for meeting your writing goals?

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