Thursday, March 14, 2013

Barely There is There and Switching Gears

After more than two years in the making Barely There is finished, almost ready for the query process. All that's left is one last final read through to make sure everything is perfect. This manuscript has been quite the process and suffered several setbacks since I first began writing it. I dropped it several times to work on different projects, I rewrote the beginning several times, but it was always on my mind. I kept chugging along with it and pushing it to be the best that it could be.

Tuesday evening I completed edits on the final chapter! I did a little dance around the house, briefly as I realized I had somewhere to be and that I'd forgotten. Oops. The hazards of editing. When I returned home I collapsed into a brain-fried heap on the couch. I feel like my head has been spinning with all this editing.

So now what?

It's time for a careful read through. And tomorrow I will enter it in the Pitch Madness contest going on over at Brenda Drake's blog. Starting in April the query letters to agents will go out.

What will I do then?

I still have my 2011 NaNoWriMo project that needs to be edited. Well, more like a rewrite. It could take quite some time with that one. I plan on doing a little more research on the changes I want to make to it, re-outline it, and then tackle it. I'm hoping it will be done by the end of the summer, but I'm not holding myself to that deadline just yet as I'm not sure how much work the rewrite will take. 

But, before I dive into that currently untitled project I'm going to go on a major book reading binge. I've neglected reading books as of lately. Mostly because I wanted to get Barely There completed in time for Pitch Madness. I mean seriously I've been slowly reading the same book, an amazing book, for over a week now. That's how little time I've had left over between being mommy and editing. That's not like me, and I NEED to read like most people need to eat. I will be reading a lot to make up for reading time lost. Yes, that is a thing in my world. I have several library books on the shelf, several on request from the library that should be arriving soon, and tons on my shelves and Kindle.


  1. Congratulations!!! Best of luck in your agent search. And enjoy your reading reward.