Thursday, April 25, 2013

Inciting Incident Questions

As I review my latest WIP and try to rework the original outline for the upcoming rewrite I find myself pondering my inciting incident. What really gets this story moving and upends my protagonists life.

Honestly when I wrote the story there was a different story line and it was set in a different world than I now want it to go in. As a result I have found that my original inciting incident is not working. It is not sitting well with me and feels as if it is lacking in some fashion.

So, I have been toying with a couple of other ideas as for what the incident should be. I have also come to find that I have several questions I feel I must answer with regards to this new inciting incident. I want to make sure it works, and is without major issues. I do not want to have to rework this again.

My questions:
  1. Does the inciting incident upend my protag's life in a major way? 
  2. What were her goals previously in life? 
  3. What does she need to do now to restore balance to her life? 
  4. How does she feel about this? 
  5. What is her conscious goal? 
  6. What is her unconscious goal? 
What do you ask yourself when you are working out your inciting incident?


  1. These are great questions. Glad I stumbled across your blog!