Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Problems of a Bookaholic

I've known for some time that I'm a bookaholic, and this leads to issues. Mainly shelf space issues. I just don't have enough space. I have teaching books, history books, and novels all over the place.

Another issue I've found is I have a ridiculous amount of books on my shelves and Kindle that I have yet to read. This has been really evident when I sit down to write my monthly blog posts on new book releases. I'm finding that I have series books I'm not at all caught up on, and they're sitting on a shelf or my Kindle.

So why haven't I read them? I keep requesting books from the library. And library books have to be returned by a certain date or else I have to pay a daily fee. So, yeah, I've been reading those instead. I'm sure my librarians all recognize me when I walk in. I'm always there to pick up books I've requested. I request a lot. I stalk the online card catalog. I'm almost always first on the list for books. Except for Dan Brown's new one, I'm #44 out of around than 450 people, so not too bad.

As wonderful as the library is, this takes away from me reading what I actually own. Which is a ridiculous amount of books and ebooks.

So I've come to a new approach. I have to start reading what is on my shelf, not request a million books from the library. As of last week I cannot add any new books to my requested list. I have to start finishing series and books that I own. There are several series I need to finish off. If I don't own the final book I'm allowing myself to get it from the library, but nothing else. I own a ton of stand alone books as well that need to be read.

Here's a peek at what I have on my shelves, with regards to novels and writing. With all of the ebook sales I've noticed this year, you can imagine what my Kindle looks like. I have even more signed books at my parents' house. 

My signed books.

More signed books.

I've only read Everneath and Abandon on this shelf.

I've only read the first two and last two.

The only shelf I've read everything on.

I've read the first 3, watched the movies for the next 3, & haven't read the last one.

I still have to read all of the Percy Jackson books. I read some of the Narnia books when I was younger, but want to reread them.

A mix of new books, used books, and ARCs I've collected over the past couple of years.

All books I snagged from my Mom's bookshelves.

All used books, except for Only a Few Bones, and a couple from a library book sale.

My middle grade collection. I still have to read some of them.

My writing craft bookshelf.


  1. Hi, I'm Leslie and I'm a bookaholic too! This post could absolutely be describing me and my bookshelves. I have stacks of signed books, books from the library, books for my kids, books from the school book fair, etc. I'm tempted to make a huge list of all the unread books in my house as a summer reading list but I fear it would overwhelm me, lol!

    1. Hi, Leslie! Oh my goodness I made one of those lists. lol I listed all of my unread books, both in book form and Kindle form.