Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August 2013 Releases

Oddly enough this is the second month in a row that I have very few releases on my list. I'm definitely missing some books somewhere. Hmm? Anyhow this month's list is good.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke (8/15/13) 

Why -> I really haven't read any gothic horror before, but this sounds absolutely intriguing. Violet's been warned not about the Devil, but she never thought it could be the cute guy, River, renting her family's guesthouse. Oh how exciting this one sounds.

Deception (Defiance #2) by C.J. Redwine (8/27/2013) 

Why -> Honestly, this is a series that I'm waiting until the final book comes out before I read. So nope, I haven't read the blurb, but I still can't wait until it comes out. Once it comes out that means I only have a year until the third book is released and I can devour them back to back. lol

The Dark Between by Sonia Gensler (8/27/13) 

Why -> This book blends historical fiction, a mystery, and the possibility of linking the spirit world with ours. Plus how can you pass up a book with that cover? Yes, I'm guilty of judging this book by its cover. lol

What books are you looking forward to this month? Did I miss any big ones?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Taylor-Made Life - Book Blitz

They lived the life they were given; they loved the life they made.
Cheerleader Taylor Smith doesn’t want to die a virgin. Unfortunately, if the terminally-ill leukemia patient doesn't find a lover or a stem-cell match within months, her fear will become reality. When her cancer mentor is revealed to be a hottie entrepreneur from California, it seems fate might finally be on her side.
Tech-geek Gavin Taylor has everything he ever wanted, except someone to grieve for him when he's gone. With his melanoma cancer beyond the help of his riches, he agrees to participate in a cancer patient mentoring program where he's matched with a dying teen from Texas. Despite his immediate attraction, the Silicon Valley whiz intends only to provide friendship and happy memories to the beautiful, young woman who is determined to win his love.
When it's discovered that his frozen sperm and her harvested eggs could lead to a cure, Taylor's mother offers to be a surrogate. And Gavin must decide if he can risk the heart he has never given and a child he'll never know to a girl he just met.

My blood rushed hot through my veins like a West Texas brush fire as Gavin pulled into the driveway and parked.

We were perfect together. Couldn’t he see that? When I’d asked about the matchmaker, I thought for sure he would sweep me off my feet and carry me away. He hadn’t.

He turned off the ignition and twisted in his seat to face me. “I had a great time the last three days.”

“Me, too.” I lifted my gaze to look at him, to really look at him. God, he was gorgeous, smart, fun, but also sweet and kind. Panic made me want to latch on to him and not let go. I’d rather get an IV in my eyeball than let him leave. I loved him. I always would.

He stared at back at me, his eyes misting with some emotion I couldn’t name. He was breathing heavily, too heavily. I didn’t move. I knew this game—the first one to blink loses.

Kiss me. Please kiss me.

His hand twitched. My lips parted, and I quietly gasped.

Finally, he closed his eyes, whistled out a long breath, and got out of the car.


I wasn’t about to give up yet.

He walked around and opened my door, offering his hand. I clasped it and yanked myself from the seat so quickly that I collided with his chest. He dropped my hand and jumped back like I’d burnt him.

I slapped my palm against my thigh. “What is your problem? Am I so repulsive you can’t stand to accidentally touch me?”

His face paled, and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. “No. Of course not. It’s late. I’m sorry.”

It’s late? What kind of lame excuse was that? My shoulders sagged as he swiftly ushered me to the door. I tried to smile hopefully. “You wanna come in?”

He eyed me up and down then shook his head like he was trying to remove a bug clinging to his ear. “I better go. I have an early flight tomorrow.”

“So that’s it, then? You’re just gonna leave?” Everything inside me fell to my toes.

He smiled sympathetically. My hands fisted. Slapping the pacifying expression off his face crossed my mind.

“Hey. It won’t be that bad.” He reached out to brush my arm but let his fingers fall short. “We’ll talk on the phone, and maybe you and your Mom can come for a visit in a few weeks.”

He leaned to kiss my cheek, but I stuck my fingers over his lips. His mouth was soft and warm. Heat spread from my fingers into my arm and through my body. I pulled my hand away so I could concentrate. I was not about to let this end here. “I don’t want a kiss on the cheek, Gavin.”

“I understand.” He held out his hand for me to shake. Captain Oblivious.

I crinkled my nose and frowned. “No. You don’t understand. I want a kiss, but not on the cheek.”

He rubbed a palm across his forehead. “Taylor, we’ve gone over this.”

“No, we haven’t. You’re leaving and—let’s face it—I’ll never see you again. You know it, and I know it.” My voice broke. I stood tall and continued, “You came here to mentor me, take me on a few outings, and give me happy memories. You’ve done that. But I’m asking for one last thing.” I twirled my hair and met his gaze. “I want a real kiss.”

He started shaking his head before I’d even finished. “No.”

Crud-ola! “Why not?”

“Taylor, you know the answer. I told you from the beginning. It’s not appropriate.”

He hadn’t said he didn’t want to. I glared at him and decided to pull out the big guns. “It’s one harmless kiss, Gavin, and it’s a dying girl’s wish.”

His jaw twitched. “That’s not fair, and you know it.”

“Fair? Are we talking about fair now? What’s not fair is that I’ll never get married or have children or even be in love. You’re all I get.” I waved my hand between us. “This is all I get.”

He set his jaw stubbornly, but his eyes betrayed him. “I’ve offered you what I’m willing to give.”

Tears stung my eyes. Damn it. I hated crying, but I couldn’t help it. He’d hit the nail. “You’re no better than those doctors offering me another round of chemo, knowing it won’t do any good and would only make me weaker, sicker.” I crossed my arms over my chest. “Well, I won’t settle for less. I’m settling for too little as it is.” I swiped at my stupid tears. My pulse pounded. I was fighting with everything I had. “How many women have you been with?”

He squinted in apparent disbelief. “What kind of question is that?”

I stamped my foot. “How many?”

He almost yelled it at me. “A few.”

“Do you remember how it felt to be with them? To love them? Would you trade those memories because a few people said it wasn’t okay?”

He darted his gaze around the front yard, shifting his weight from side to side. Even in the dim light of the porch I could see his mind working through possibilities, making him uncomfortable.

“There’s no one out there in the dark to tell you it’s okay. You have to decide.” I pressed on. “What memory do you want to leave me with? What memory do you want to take? Is it really such a sickening thought? Just one kiss.”

He stared back at me with a wildness that scared me. My heart drummed a xylophone chord across my ribs.


I locked in on his gaze and stepped toward him. “Tonight you get to decide what you can live with—or without. I’m asking for one moment.”

Stopping inches from him, I absorbed the tension like a thirsty towel. Electric sparks flew between us. The only sounds were our shallow breaths.

Softly, I went in for the kill. “A kiss goodnight. Is it really too much, Gavin?”

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Break

Well, it's that time of year again. That time where I'm so busy my head is spinning and I'm barely keeping up with every day things. Since I have missed a few blogs recently I thought I'd check in quickly.

I'm still busy brainstorming my rewrite on my NaNoWriMo 2011 project. Scenes are unfolding and rearranging in my head daily. I still need to get everything sorted out before I really dive in and do the major rewrite.

I've been devouring book after book since my neck has been really giving me problems as of lately. I can do things usually for the first half of the day and then my neck is usually hurting so bad I need to put some heat on it and relax. What better way to relax than to read a good book.

Writing Craft Reading: 
I'm still in the midst of reading books on writing. Currently I'm reading Writing Irresitible KidLit by Mary Cole. I'd like to finish it before I get into this big rewrite. She has some really good information that I intend to use towards my rewrite.

I grew up with German grandparents who spoke German regularly. As a teenager I had my Oma begin teaching me German and then in high school I took three years of German and one year of French. I also took four semesters of German in college. Since then I have lost much of what I learned. It's hard keeping a language you no longer use. So my dad signed up for a German course through Rocket Languages and he got me a family package. So we are both working hard on getting back to where we once were. Not to mention my daughter took French this past year as a Freshman and she had issues with it. So now she and I are both doing the French course through Rocket Languages. Yes, I think I might be in over my head with this, but it's fun and I love languages.

As a result of being so busy this summer with the kids, going to Texas, my neck pains, reading, writing, and learning languages I've decided to scale back on my blogging. I have a few posts scheduled throughout the summer for book promos, but other than that I'm not sure how much I will be posting. However, I will still be posting over on Writers by the Shore every other Thursday. 

Have a great summer!! :-)