Thursday, September 26, 2013

October 2013 Releases

So this month sees a lot of new releases that I'm excited for. Too bad I'm way behind on my reading goals for this year, and this is the time of year that I get too busy to read at all. But, I will read all of these, eventually! bwahahahah

Exile (Keeper of the Lost Cities #2) by Shannon Messenger (10/1/13)

Why-> Oh my goodness, I really loved the first book, Keeper of the Lost Cities. It was so good. Plus it was one of the books I read while we were without power after Superstorm Sandy. I can't wait to see what is in store next for Sophie. This is a great middle grade series that I think all ages can enjoy. 

Unbreakable (Legion #1) by Kami Garcia (10/1/13) 

Why-> I'm really excited to read this new solo novel by Garcia. Kennedy's mother has been killed by a demon. She learns her mother was part of a secret society called the Legion sworn to protect the world from a demon. And all five members of the society were killed on the same night. Now Kennedy and four others make up the new Legion, and she is out for both answers and the hopes of defeating the demon. 

Perfect Ruin (Internment Chronicles #1) by Lauren DeStefano (10/1/13) 

Why -> The setting is a floating city! Seriously, I can't wait to see how this one goes. It kind of reminds me of the setting of Sky High, but a much better plot. When a murder occurs Morgan is convinced the accused is innocent. And she just can't keep herself from investigating.

Hero (Woodcutter Sisters #2) by Alethea Kontis (10/1/13) 

Why -> I LOVED the first book in this trilogy, Enchanted. Seriously enjoyed it. I loved all of the little fairy tale pieces woven into the story. And the writing. I loved the writing. So beautiful. Naturally I was tickled pink when I found out that Kontis would be revisiting that same world for more from another sister, Saturday. 

Premeditated by Josin L. McQuein (10/8/13)

Why -> After Dinah's cousin Claire cuts her wrists, Dinah finds her diary and devises a plan to get back a the boy who broke Claire. This isn't one of those stories I normally go for, but it sounds interesting. I'm curious to find out more about Dinah, Claire, and this boy.

Tandem (Many Worlds Trilogy #1) by Anna Jarzab (10/8/13) 

Why -> Sasha loves the stories her grandfather told her when she was a young girl. Stories of girls, her, who led completely different lives in parallel worlds. When she's thrust into one of those worlds to prevent a war she learns they weren't just fantastical stories. If she succeeds to convince everyone in the parallel world she's the missing princess she gets to return to her life. If not, she's stuck forever. 

Emerald Green (#3) by Kerstin Gier (10/8/13) 

Why -> I can't wait to see what happens in this final installment of a great time travel story! Seriously, I need to find out why everyone is keeping secrets from Gwen. What does it all mean? I'm so excited to find out the rest of the story. I can't wait! 

Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth (10/22/13) 

Why -> Like all of the other Divergent fans out there I'm dying to see what happens in this final installment. And I can't wait to see Tris and Four back in action with each other! I am always curious to see who makes it and who doesn't when it comes to these final heart-stopping books. Plus withe the movie coming out in the spring, I really want to have the trilogy read before I walk into the theater opening night.

Teardrop (Teardrop #1) by Lauren Kate (10/22/13)

Why -> The main character's name is Eureka. And if that is enough her mother has drilled into her head to never cry, ever. Could the ancient tale of a girl whose heart was broken and cried so much her tears turned an entire continent into a sea be true? Could that be why her mother said to never cry? And how did her mother drown in a freak accident? Intriguing.

What books did I miss releasing in October?

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