Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2013 Releases

Usually I try to have my list of books I'm excited for out before the month actually starts. Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo seemed to completely shake things up this year. So, it's already the start of the month and I'm just getting this post out. Oh, well, better late than never, right? And you'll notice the first one on the list is out today!

Forged (Altered #1.5) by Jennifer Rush (12/3/13) 

Why -> Oh my my my. Look at that cover! lol Okay, if you have not yet read Altered, you must! Hot guys, good guys! Okay, so this is a short story of how everything began before the first book. I can't wait. It's on preorder and yeah. Did I mention that cover? *fanning self*

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman (12/10/13) 

Why -> Oh my gosh! I've been waiting for another sci-fi since I finished reading the Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis. This one looks so good! Lilac and Tarver appear to be the only survivors of Icarus, a luxury spaceliner, after it plummets to an unknown planet.

Fracture Me (Shatter Me #2.5)
by Tahereh Mafi (12/17/13) 

Why -> I've only read Shatter Me and the following novella, Destroy Me, so I haven't read the synopsis for this one yet. All I can say is that after reading Destroy Me I'm waiting until the final book is out and then reading books 2, 2.5, and 3 back to back. I cannot wait! Is it February yet?

The Initiate (Divergent #0.2)
by Veronica Roth (12/17/13) 

Why -> This is the second four short stories told from Four's perspective. I'm actually waiting to read them until the full collection of all four is released in February. But, if it'll be available this month if you can't wait that long.

Dangerous Dream (Dangerous Creatures #0.5) 
by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (12/17/13)

Why -> I still have yet to finish reading the Beautiful Creatures series and it's high on the list of to-read series that I'll be reading in the new year. This is the first novella for the spin-off series that follows Ridley and Link. More incentive to finish the Castor Chronicles! 

by Lydia King (12/26/13) 

Why -> Zel is left to protect her sister Dyl after their father is killed in an accident leaving them orphans. In a world where cars are automatic and genetic "mistakes" have been made that will be tough. Especially when Dyl is kidnapped by people who believe her DNA has a secret encoded within it. I'm also really excited for this one since it's about the outcasts being heroes.

The Offering (The Pledge #3)
by Kimberly Derting (12/31/13) 

Why -> Again I haven't read the synopsis since I have yet to read The Essence. But I can't wait to finish this trilogy. I loved the first book, The Pledge, and decided to wait until all of them were out ot read straight through. My new favorite thing to do with series.

What books are you excited for? Did I miss anything good? 

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