Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Aversion to Book Clubs

I know that's strange, but I have a huge aversion to book clubs.


Because I can't seem to find one that actually fits my reading to the point where I'm interested in joining. It never fails that they choose books I'm uninterested in or they read a book a week. I hate having my reading chosen for me. I like to change my mind at the last minute and then change it again. There is no way I could keep up with a book club that reads a book a week and still be able to read from my own list. And then, if it's always a book I'm not excited about, then I lose interest really fast.

This all changed last week.

I FOUND a book club that I think is perfect for me! YAY!!!

So, I thought I'd share the info with as many wonderful YA readers as possible. :-)

It all started last week when I the amazing Bree Despain sent out a tweet about a Q&A discussion she would be taking part in on Goodreads. When I went to join the discussion group I realized it was a book club hosted by author, Colleen Houck

But more importantly, I found that nearly all of the upcoming books chosen were ones I either had already read, had on my to-read shelf, or were ones I had heard of but had not realized I might like. Even better is it's one book a month, so I have plenty of time during the month to read other books as well. :-) This makes me really happy!

So, I joined the group and promptly noted all of the books coming up. I have finally found the perfect book club group for myself. :-)

I am now a happy camper with a book club to follow.

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