Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Goals

I'm a little late getting my goals posted. Between doctor appointments and getting back into the swing of things, and our routine, I'm seriously late. But, better late than never. Right?! That's what I thought. lol

This year I've had a bunch of changes behind the scenes. One of which is I've changed emails. That is probably the craziest ideas I've had in a very, very, very long time. Seriously, I wish I could just type in a new user name and that be that. But no. I had to create a new email account. Add all of my contacts to the new account. And then switch ALL my subscriptions and accounts to that email. Needless to say I'm still finding some that I've forgotten to switch over. And yes, my new email address is now attached to my blog, but man what a pain in the rear this has been.

As a result of changing my gmail account I also changed my Google+ account over to the new one. Both are in the links on the left of my blog. Again, a serious pain in the behind!

So on to my goals. And I'm hoping some of you will hold me accountable this year. And if you need to kept accountable, let me know in the comments and I'll help you out too.

1) Sticker Calendar: I'm using a sticker calendar for writing/editing. I hope to post a picture of it at the end of each month on my Instagram account and link it to my other sites. I'm still not sure, but I'm thinking of doing a post on it as well each month.

2) Writing/Editing: I'm looking for a few new critique partners who will definitely keep me in line. I lost my old amazing crit group when I left New Jersey and I miss them keeping me motivated and on task. I miss meeting in person and the camaraderie. If you've never had a local group that meets regularly, I highly suggest trying it out.  

3) Social Media: I'm trying to be more present on my social media accounts. I cut way down on checking into Twitter and conversing with others. Instagram is about the only one I really kept using non stop.

4) Blogging: I want to get back to blogging. The only thing I kept up on was my Waiting on Wednesday posts. Mostly because I could set up a bunch and schedule them ahead of time. I miss blogging, but haven't really had anything to say at all lately. So if you know of any good memes for writers let me know because I'm thinking that might help me get back into it. I'm going to start back up slowly, with one post a week for now and then add more later.

5) Query: This is quite possibly the biggest and hardest goal of my year. My plan is to have this manuscript completely polished by mid-April. Then I need to have it critiqued. And finally, by August I want it out on submission. If I keep up with my goals and stay accountable hopefully I can get this one done.

What are your goals for 2015?

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