Sunday, November 8, 2015

NaNo 2015 - Week 1 Check-In

Originally I wanted to do regular writing craft related posts for November. After a tiny bit of though, I changed my mind. There was no way I was going to get away with writing 50K words and four blog posts. So, I decided to do weekly updates.

Week one started with a bang on the first. I wrote well over 2k, but didn't write down the number. I thought I could recall the exact word count by day on the NaNo website. I was wrong. Good thing I either posted my daily word counts to Facebook or on a sticky note.

Here's my week one breakdown by day.

Day 1: 2,670
Day 2: 3,778
Day 3: 2,581
Day 4: 1,134
Day 5: 2,331
Day 6: 2,461
Day 7: 3,959

Week 1 Total Words Written: 18,914

The words came fast and the story is taking shape. I'm getting to know the characters and their world. It's fun and exciting. Of course, once I'm finished and do a read through I'll probably be saying it's a total piece of junk. Until I set it aside for a little bit and then polish it. 

So I did really good for week one. Which I made a huge push on. Mainly because starting in week two, things get crazy around here and my writing time slashes drastically. In fact, day 8 didn't see a single word, but that's for next week's recap.

And hopefully, I will have some NaNo related links to add in to that post. I wanted to do that this week, but I got way behind and completely forgot to write this recap in time for an early Monday morning post. So it's a late Monday evening post, written on the fly.

If you're doing NaNo, how did you do on week one? (Don't compare to my week one, it's a fluke! I swear the daily word count is dropping.)

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